Faves and Other Lists

Gilles' Faves

What are these?

Simply put, for every venue I ever visited, I pick one room (still running or not) for which I have the fondest memories, then I compare those "top" rooms to one another and pick the ones with the biggest lasting impressions.
Obviously, any room listed there is one I liked (I'm no masochist 😄), but this doesn't imply that any of the listed venue is objectively better than the ones which aren't. For instance, I tend to favor longer rooms, and I really like gadgets, multimedia effects and original themes. This preference is reflected in my picks. I'm also rather forgiving of technical mistakes if properly handled by management.
The list is in chronological order of play. Finally, note that I plan to switch from a "Top 12" to a "Top 15" once I reach the 50 venue mark.

In Memoriam

If a venue loses its position while still in business, I simply take it off the list. However, if a venue closes while it was still among my favorites, it deserves a spot in the following list.

Technical Problems - How Common Are They?

Here's a list of every room I played where we ran into some sort of technical problem - a broken puzzle, a device not working problem, and so on.
The codeword [Redressed] indicates that my group was somehow compensated in-game for the trouble (by getting more time, or getting a clue, etc) in an appropriate and satisfactory manner. [Fixed] means the problem was corrected but that no other compensation was given (or deemed necessary).

Human Errors - How Common Are They?

An now a list of every room where we suffered from a mistake that someone in charge made. I try to only list cases where the mistake was admitted or rather obvious, and not speculation ("this was too easy/hard, someone must've screwed up").
Once again, the codeword [Redressed] indicates that my group was somehow compensated in-game afterwards.

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