Thursday, April 11, 2019

Boardgame - Escape Room The Game: Jumanji - Spin Master

Easier to escape than the real thing

Spin Master (US/Canada)
Unknown (boo!)
Unknown (boo!)
# of Players:
3-5 on the box (2-4 on the website?!)
60 min

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Game Design & Mechanics

Game Components
  • Let's cut to the chase here: this game is basically a stand-alone expansion that works exactly like the original. You can pretty much read my review of the original box, and you'll know how the game works.
  • One notable change is that there are only 2 hour-long scenarios in that box. And instead of being referred to as Part 1/2/3, the two scenarios are presented as Levels 1 through 6, suggesting they're all part of a single storyline. That doesn't change the game per se - you still play Levels 1/2/3 on a single 60-min timer, then the last on another.
  • There's also a "Level 0" in there. It's a 15-min introductory game that requires using the ERTG app (available on iOS and Android) instead of the real-life Chrono-Decoder.
  • The things I generaly enjoy about this game are still there.
  • You can see a definite willingness from the makers in trying to find new ways for players to interact with the components.
  • Having an extra Chrono-Decoder around could be seen as a bonus (especially if you keep sharing your games with others).
  • Some of those "original interactions" can be rather frustrating. In one case, even after reading the walkthrough, we haven't been able to get the result described. ūüė†
  • The game seems to be selling for the same price as the original box, while having over 40% less gameplay.
  • Paying for that extra Chrono-Decoder is annoying if don't care for it.
  • It's not explicitly mentioned anywhere, but the game is heavily based on the new "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" movie. People who have only watched the original movie will likely be confused (and possibly disappointed).

Scenario Results

The Drumming Closet (Level 0)
Official difficulty: 2 / 5
Played with: 3 players
Made it? YES

The Search for Jesse (Levels 1-2-3)
Official difficulty: 3 / 5
Played with: 3 players
Made it? YES

Break the Curse (Levels 4-5-6)
Official difficulty: 3 / 5
Played with: 3 players
Made it? NO


  1. Hello, we can not do the level 0 ... What to do and find with the escape plan? How can we answer Mr. Collins' question to get out of class?
    Best regards,

    1. Sorry I didn't notice this sooner! In general, every game from ERTG has a full-fledge walkthrough available from their website:

  2. Hi. Not sure how you even do the walkthrough. How do figure out what character to use?