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Henri Fortune's House of Illusion - Escape Quest - Macclesfield

"♫ He's a Magic Man, mama... "

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Room name:
Henri Fortune's House of Illusion
Escape Quest, Macclesfield (
# of Players:
3-7 (Played with 6)
60 min
Special (Delivered via a TV screen inside the room)
18 Locks, 16 Deductions, 14 Tasks
Official Description:
For 30 years his parents toured the world with their famous House of illusion magic show. Henry would wait patiently backstage during the shows, wishing for the day he'd be allowed to take his place in the limelight, and maybe one day he might even be the star of the show. Unfortunately Henry's parents didn't think he was good enough to be included in the act. Henry grew up bitter and disillusioned with the world, the anger he felt at his parents slowly turned to hatred, and then... they suddenly disappeared never to be seen again! Henry's girlfriend and his Aunt and Uncle have also disappeared. Henry claims they have all gone abroad to continue the show without him, but Henry's Grandfather suspects something terrible has happened to the missing family members.
Henry has built his own private theatre. The shows he put on have not gone well, and ticket sales have dried up entirely, so Henry's decided to hold auditions for some new performers. He'll show the world that Henry Fortune has what it takes to put on a show just as good as his parents. Maybe even better!
Henry's Grandfather has hired a firm of private investigators, and this is the ideal opportunity to send them in as undercover performers to try to find out if Henry knows more than he's letting on. That's where you come in! Will your performance be good enough to fool Henry whilst you secretly gather evidence and If not, will Henry let you leave if your cover is blown? Henry is short tempered and impatient, an hour of his time is all you'll get so make sure you work fast. As the final minutes tick by and the stage lights go out, it really could be the end of the show for you all...
Played in:
Summer 2019
Made it?
YES - With a little over 5 minutes left - 4 hints received
After successfully obtaining that 13th Element, we were looking forward our next mission. This time we had to choose between 3 difficulty levels (3, 4 or 5), and we went with the hardest game because it had some impact as to the amount of puzzles we'd have to solve. (As the team picture shows, the chosen difficulty was associated to the "Detective firm" you belonged to, and the contents of the suitcase you started with would make things easier or harder - very cute.)
This game was very different in style from its predecessor. Emphasis was put on the storyline, as we started the game with general directives rather than a clear agenda, and then had to deal with Mr. Fortune himself, who's quite a grand character, if I may say so. There's no real actor in the game, but he'll feel quite present (if not omnipresent), don't worry.
The game ended up being among our family favorites. I don't want to spoil anything, but it required some tasks we seldom see in Escape Rooms. Another memorable experience.
Lessons Learned (or re-learned):

Poster thématique tirée du site web
Flavor poster from their website

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Nom de la salle:
Henri Fortune's House of Illusion
Escape Quest, Macclesfield (
# de joueurs:
3-7 (jouée avec 6)
60 min
Salles Multiples:
Spécial (Donnés via un écran télé présent dans la pièce)
18 verrous, 16 déductions, 14 tâches
Description officielle:
(Voir version anglaise)
Jouée durant:
Été 2019
OUI - Un peu plus de 5 minutes restantes - 4 indices reçus
Après être parvenus à obtenir ce fameux 13e Élément, nous avions hâte à notre mission suivante. Cette fois, nous pouvions choisir entre 3 niveaux de difficulté (3, 4 ou 5), et avons choisi le plus difficile puisque nous savions que ce choix impacterait le nombre d'énigmes à résoudre. (Et comme on peut voir sur notre photo d'équipe, la difficulté choisie correspondait à la "firme de détectives" à laquelle notre groupe appartenait, et c'est le contenu de la valise reçue qui rendait les choses plus faciles ou difficiles - très belle idée.)
Ce jeu était très différent dans son style que son prédécesseur. L'emphase était mise sur la trame narrative, et nous commencions avec quelques directives générales plutôt qu'une tâche bien définie. Nous devions aussi composer avec M. Fortune lui-même, qui est tout un personnage. Il n'y a pas d'acteur dans le jeu même, mais sa présence se fera sentir de plusieurs manières, vous verrez.
En rétrospective, ce jeu est un des préférés de toute la famille en général. Je ne veux pas trop élaborer, mais nous avons eu à accomplir quelques tâches rarement vues dans les autres jeux d'évasion. Encore une fois, une expérience mémorable.
Leçons à retenir (ou à réviser):

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